Pacific Swimming


USA Swimming officials may work at home meets and/or away meets.  Currently SRVA has 2 Meet Officials.  The team is always looking to train more officials.
Shilpa Nakka [email protected]

Here is the link to Pac Swims Officials Page. Here you can find links to register as a non athlete member, complete your background check and other useful information.

Following are steps to become an official:

  1. Attend Training Clinics:

    • ​Beginning Stroke & Turn Training Clinic - the clinic requires approximately 4 hours and includes discussions and a USA Swimming produced video tape on judging strokes, turns and relay takeoffs.​​​

    • Pacific Swimming conducts Clinic - throughout the year at various locations.  Contact your Zone Officials Chair for the location and date of the next training clinic in your zone.

  2. Get on the Deck Training: new Stroke & Turn judges typically work a minimum of four sessions at a minimum of two different meets, "shadowing" experienced officials.  To get on-deck training, report to the officials' briefing, this is typically about 30 minutes before the start of the meet session.  Trainees are welcome at any CBA meet, but generally not at meets such as JO and Far Western.

  3. Register as an Official: before you can be certified, you must register as a non-athlete member of USA Swimming. 

  4. Take USA Swimming Officials Test: complete USA Swimming's online, open book test.  You must have a completed USA Swimming non-athlete membership before you can take this test.

  5. Concussion Training: complete the training either at CDC Youth Sports or at NFHS Learn.  Print and save your certificate when completed.  You should send a copy to Laurie Benton at [email protected] and keep a copy for yourself.  It is recommended that you print out a wallet size copy to keep with the membership card.

  6. Complete Safe Sport Training

  1. Age: minimum of 18 years old
  2. Attire: solid navy blue skirt, shorts or pants, white polo shirt with white shoes

  3. Attitude: positive attitude, willingness to volunteer, and dedication

  4. Please save your receipts for your USA Swimming Membership and your background check.  Once you are certified Level 1 Stroke and Turn Official, SRVA will reimburse you.

  5. Any of your on the deck training time and time spent at the Officials Clinic will count towards your Work Requirement hours for SRVA.  Please note that in order for the hours to count, you must become certified Level 1 Official

  6. Once you are certified Level 1 Official, SRVA will purchase a uniform hat, shirt and name badge for you.  While working on deck, you are required to wear a white shirt/jacket, navy bottoms and white shoes